In this Jiu-jitsu video we cover 4 different common positions where people get stuck when rolling with stronger opponents.

These techniques will teach you how to use angles and leverage to set up the submission without having to see who the bigger meathead is.

1- Mount Kimura opener

In this position, your opponent’s arms are in tight covering the arm and choke attacks. By changing the angle and positioning your elbow in his face you open up the Kimura.

2- Mount to wrap choke

Here you start by trying to change the angle just like in the previous technique. This time your opponent overpowers you and pushes his arm forward. Don’t resist as he turns you reach around his neck and choke.

3- Crossbody to attack

Here we dig in with the shoulder under the elbow to open up the arm for far side arm attacks.

4- Guard to choke attack

In this position, your opponent is trying to hide the arms and cover the choke inside your guard. In doing this he is vulnerable for the trap to choke submission.