No matter where in the world you train, or what boxing school you choose, the general scheme of the practices and training regimens are going to be very similar. Understanding what to expect from a boxing training session can help you prepare mentally for this sport. What does boxing training consist of for amateur and professional fighters? Below, we’ll help you learn about what goes on during an average boxing training session.

What Is Boxing Training?

Do I Have to Spar to Learn How to Box?

What Is Boxing Training?

Warmups (20 Minutes)

Warmups typically include 10 to 20 minutes of moderate stretching, which will include stretches for both the upper and lower body. Despite what some people might think about the boxing regarding danger, you’re be more likely to get injured by pulling a muscle from not stretching than anything else.


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Shadow Boxing (5 Minutes)

A quick round of shadow boxing can help you loosen up your shoulders, hands, and feet. In this sport, shadow boxing could be compared closely to the way that pitchers warm up their arms prior to stepping on the mound. Shadow boxing also provides additional benefits since it allows boxers to work on their form, accuracy, and footwork.


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Heavy Bag Training (20 Minutes)

Heavy bag training can take up a fair portion of a training regimen. The reason why is because heavy bag training is one of the primary ways that boxers are able to work on many different aspects of their skillsets, including punch combinations, dodging, circling, and many others. Since heavy bag training can be very demanding on the knuckles, heavier gloves are typically used during this part of training.

What Is Boxing Training?

Do I Have to Spar to Learn How to Box?

Sparring (30 Minutes)

If you don’t spar then you’re never going to fully know what it feels like to use your boxing skills in real-time. The same could be said for any combat-related sport. When sparring, expect to wear head gear, a mouth piece, and gloves that are slightly heavier than what you would wear in match (by “heavier”, we mean gloves that offer more padding). Sparring will be your chance to work on everything that you’ve practiced throughout the training session. Your

Total: 75 Minutes

Depending on where you train, a fair amount of conditioning might also be included in your training session. What does boxing training consist of on a regular day? Now you know. While all schools are different in their approaches, almost all of them will include the above within their training regimens.