Here’s a question that comes up all too often in boxing and boxing competition: Am I too old to learn to box? This is a fair question considering that boxing can be such a brutal sport, but it doesn’t hold weight, mainly because there are many fighters today who are winning amateur and professional championships in their 30s and 40s!

Am I Too Old to Learn to Box?

Am I Too Old to Learn to Box?

You’re Never Too Old to Give Boxing a Try

Nobody is saying that you have to step into the ring at 55 and fight someone who is half your age. Quite the contrary, boxing in healthy doses is ideal for just about any capable person who is willing to give it a try. Put it this way: do you consider yourself too old to eat healthy, sharpen your mind, or keep your body in peak physical condition?

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Am I Too Old to Learn to Box?

Of course not! So you shouldn’t treat boxing any differently. If you’re a bit older and don’t feel like sparring or getting hit, then don’t spar. Use boxing only as a source of conditioning, and simply participate in shadow boxing and heavy bag drills. There are always options for any who is willing to give this sport a try – just don’t let the “age factor” discourage you.


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Don’t Compare Yourself to Others!

Never compare yourself to others when determining whether or not you’re too old to start boxing. For instance, thoughts like, “Jonathan started boxing when he was 16 and I’m starting at 36. I’m never going to get that good in my lifetime” are no good for you. Instead, think like this: “I might be a little older than everyone else here, but this is a learning experience, and I’m happy to fail and learn for as long as it takes to get in shape and master this sport”. The latter is a much better attitude to have when you’re approaching this sport for the first time later in life.

Am I Too Old to Learn to Box?

Am I Too Old to Learn to Box?

Remember that age is just a number. Sure, you might not be as limber as you once were, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t train your body to revert back to that healthy state. In fact, throughout your career in boxing, you’ll occasionally find 50 and 60 year olds who are in almost as good as shape as 20 year olds! It just goes to show that the question, “Am I too old to learn to box?” can be answered with a definite “No!”


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