The Yang 24 Form is also know as the Simplified Standard 24 Form. This is a relatively more recent iteration of the Yang family of Tai Chi. It was developed in 1956 at the behest of the National Sport commission.

Sam-Tam31The form is the result of the efforts of several esteemed members of the Yang Cheng Fu line of the Yang Style Tai Chi lineage. The form was whittled down form the classic 108 form. Trimming away much of the repetition that exists in the 108 form while maintaining most of the postures. Most importantly the masters involved in the creation of this form maintained the fundamentals of Yang style Tai Chi therefore preserving the many benefits one can receive from this internal arts practice.

Typified by it’s clean, simple flow of movement this form is quite approachable and is ideal for beginning one’s tai chi practice. Generally practiced in a middle height stance the Yang 24 form is an excellent, non-impact form of physical cultivation. For those first starting their practice after an extended period of being sedentary the stances can be adjusted higher and shorter to make the practice accessible for everyone regardless of current health.

The practice gradually restores (and maintains) strength and flexibility allowing the practitioner of Yang style tai chi to increase intensity and continuously improve their physical development. For the healthy tai chi practitioner the stances of the Yang style 24 form can be expanded to deep, intense levels which result in incredible strength while maintaining grace.



Each Yang style Tai Chi movement in detail:

  • Open Taijiquan
  • Raise Arms
  • Hold Ball in T-stance Position
  • Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane
  • Crane Cools Wings Toe Stance Position
  • Brush Knee Twist Step
  • Play the Fiddle in the Heel Stance Position
  • Step Back and Ward off Monkey
  • Ward off, Roll Back, Press and Push
  • Single Whip
  • Wave Hands like Clouds
  • High Pat the Horse
  • Kick with Right Heel
  • Strike Ears with Both Fists
  • Dragon Waves Tail
  • Stand on One Leg
  • Work at Shuttles
  • Needle at Sea Bottom
  • Fan through the Back
  • Turn, Deflect, Parry and Punch
  • Apparent Closing


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