Shift the weight into the rear foot drawing the left hand back into the “open-diamond-position.” Maintain this hand position as you turn the waist right, toward the opposite direction. The hands circle across the top and the left toe pivots in until the feet are pigeon-toed.


Shift the weight back into the left foot as both hands press down in front of the body. Starts to pull in to the left hip and turn palm up. The right hand continues to press down, forms a light fist and circle up inside the right arm. Step into a bow stance with the right foot strike at shoulder height with the back of the right fist.

The waist continues to turn further to the right, pivoting the right foot out to a forty-five degree angle. The right hand circles out and back to be chambered at the right ribs in a fist. The left hand extends out, and open.

Step into a bow stance with the left foot. As you shift the weight the right hand pulls in to the center line. The right hand punches forward along the center line. The right arm finishes eight percent extended and the left hand is in line with the opposite elbow.



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Yang Style Tai Chi Philosophy:

Turn, Deflect, Parry and Punch – Meditate on the qualities of respect. Honor and be faithful to the practice and the teachers who show you the way.


Martial Application:

From Fan Through… Shift the weight into the rear foot and sink. As you pivot to face the opposite direction the left hand joins the right in controlling the opponent’s wrist. Rise with the body while your arms pull down to hyper-extend the opponent’s elbow over your shoulder.

Every Tai Chi movement is said to have between three and thirty applications. The application listed is one example of how to effectively apply the movement


Alternate Translations:
  • Turn, Deflect, Parry, and Punch (Zhuanshen Banlanchui) [Liang & Wu]
  • Turn, Intercept, and Punch [Zhang Fuxing]
  • Turn Around, Ward Off, and Punch (Zhuan Shen Ban Lan Chui) [Foen Tjoeng Lie]
  • Deflecting Downward, Parrying and Punching [Chong]
  • Turn to Deflect, Block, and Strike [Zhao]
  • Turning Around, Warding Off, Punching [Metzger & Zhou]
  • Turn, Shoulder Strike, Back Fist, Deflect, Parry and Punch



This information is meant for reference and to give an idea of the details involved in all Yang Style tai chi movements. In order to receive the benefits of an internal arts practice it is vital that you seek qualified instruction.

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