Generate an upward pressure from the Dan Tian while still sinking the weight at every point in the body. Let that pressure slowly push the arms up to shoulder height.

Seminars10_11-024The movement is very soft. Do not let tension build in the muscles to lift the arms. You want to feel as though they are almost floating up.

When you practice the Yang Style tai chi movement of Raise Arms, it is important to be aware of the alignment of the spine. Sink with the tail bone and bow forward very slightly at the waist to avoid the tendency of leaning back to counter weight your arms.

Also be aware of all of your joints: the knees (as with all tai chi movements) are slightly bent; hips are relaxed; shoulders are relaxed and sinking downward; the elbows, wrists and joints of the hands and all soft. No joints are locked nor should any be collapsed.



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Yang Style Tai Chi Philosophy:

Raise Arms – Paying homage to the universe & feeling gratitude to in the place that you are. Looking into the horizon of life without attachment; look ahead one minute, one hour, one day, one year. What do you see?


Martial Application:

An effective deflection for either a right or left straight punch to the face. You are raising the arms to occupy the opponents line of attack while postioning yourself on the inside of their arms for counterstrike.


Every Tai Chi movement is said to have between three and thirty applications. The application listed is one example of how to effectively apply the movement.



This information is meant for reference and to give an idea of the details involved in all Yang Style tai chimovements. In order to receive the benefits of an internal arts practice it is vital that you seek qualified instruction.

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