Womens Self Defense PortlandWomens Self-Defense. How to Avoid Getting Dragged in Public

Most rapists will attempt to drag their targets into a secluded area in order to lessen the chances of someone catching them in the act. As a woman, it’s imperative that you learn how to avoid getting dragged in public. Fortunately, this is a technique that isn’t exceptionally difficult to learn.

Step #1: Lower Your Center of Gravity

First and foremost, you need to make yourself feel heavier. While you can’t defy the laws of physics and increase in size in a matter of seconds, you can become heavier by lowing your center of gravity. As the attacker tries to drag you, dig your hips, arms, and legs into the floor. This will automatically make you feel much, much heavier.

Step #2: Kick Your Arms and Legs

Most attackers will attempt to drag you by your arms or legs into a secluded area. Aggressively kick your arms and legs to prevent the attacker from getting a strong hold on your body.

Step #3: Crawl in the Opposite Direction

Wherever the attacker is dragging you, make sure that you try to go the opposite direction. While keeping your center of gravity low, and while kicking your arms and legs, start to “crawl” in the opposite direction. Dig into the grass using your fingernails if you have to.

Step #4: Scream

Finally, make sure that you scream – and loud. Even if you’re in a relatively secluded area, a loud scream will likely be heard from someone. Even if there isn’t any around to come and help you, a loud scream might deter the attacker from continuing their attack.

Getting Into Guard Position

Womens Self-Defense

If, instead, you were going to go on the offensive, it would help to get in the guard position. Basically, lay down on your back with your head, arms, and legs facing your opponent. Each time that the attacker attempts to close the distance, reel your hips back and attempt to land a kick to A) Their hand, or B) Groin area. You probably won’t land on either of these targets on your first try.

But you don’t really have to either (the point of this is to maintain the distance between you and the attacker). Remember that you’re not always going to have a weapon to protect you in a self-defense situation, so make sure that you take the time to learn how to avoid getting dragged in public.