Womens Kickboxing for Fitness

Kickboxing Effects

Womens Kickboxing for Fitness

On cold, wet winter days, I have to drag myself out of the house to do much of anything, but my twice-weekly Womens Kickboxing for Fitness class is without a doubt my favorite place to drag myself.

I feel like the fact that I’m a newer student shines through; but it really doesn’t matter, because in an environment that’s supportive with a diversity of skill levels, it’s really somewhere I’m able to work on my abilities and know that I’m improving with each class.

I went to an 8:00am class on the Friday before Christmas and there were only three students including myself in class. Apparently this is normally a larger group, but with the holidays near it was smaller. For one thing, it felt GREAT to start my day with an amazing workout. The fact that the class was so small allowed for even more training too! All three of us had the opportunity to work with the instructor at some point during the class, which for me is really helpful in trying to nail down some of the more foundational moves and getting my form down, which is important.

Video on Kickboxing Effects and Training

In my past couple of blogs I’ve written about health benefits associated with Martial Arts. Martial arts, studies have shown, is known to help kids or adults with Attention Deficit Disorder for example; or give kids experiencing bullying, more confidence.

Releasing anger… another one of the kickboxing effects

Releasing anger is part of being a successful martial artist, but when someone has reached that place of mental calmness and focus, it feels pretty awesome to throw some punches and kicks. It makes for a great workout, but also releases energy in a way that is distinct from going on a good run.

Taking Muay Thai classes, and certainly at NW Fighting Arts, is a place to constantly learn and work on new skills with a lot of encouragement and direction. I’ve been improving my fitness level, self-discipline and my confidence over the past 1 1/2 months and I’m having a lot of fun doing it.