Will Muay Thai Improve Flexibility?

Are you someone who lacks flexibility? If so, this doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in Thai boxing. Will Muay Thai improve flexibility? Most definitely! To perform certain kicks, you’ll need to be flexible to deliver them powerfully and accurately. Thai boxing is an amazing sport, and also a sacred art. When used correctly, it can be used to deliver devastating blows both in the ring as well as on the street.

Muay Thai improve flexibility

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Does Muay Thai Really Require Flexibility?

It depends on the type of kick that you’re trying to perform. For straight kicks, you really don’t need too much flexibility. By for high head kicks or spinning back kicks you will need to be flexible. If you’re going to increase flexibility, it’s very important that you don’t be lazy! You’ll need to work very hard to increase this area of your game. It can take years to achieve the level of flexibility that many master fighters have.


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How long should you be stretching per day? If you take this sport seriously, consider stretching for upwards of 30 minutes, either before or after practice (preferably both). You’d be surprised by how quickly you become more flexible if you stretch this often. Supplement your stretches with actual kicking, as this will help get your legs used to moving in that specific direction. If you stretch without kicking, the end result won’t be as good. Above all, don’t be lazy and you’ll definitely see positive results!


Portland Muay Thai Technique: Professor Jeff Patterson Stretching Demo

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Flexibility and Kicking Power – Are They Correlated?

You might be wondering, “Will flexibility help increasing kicking power?” In short, yes, it can. Once you become more flexible, you’ll be able to deliver a kick with more acceleration. In physics, more acceleration is always equal to a greater amount of force. For instance, if a 30-pound leg can kick at a speed of 100 MPH, and a 60-pound leg can kick at 20 MPH, then the first leg is going to deliver the most amount of power!

Muay Thai improve flexibility

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Will Muay Thai Improve Flexibility?

As a matter of fact, it will deliver far more force than the heavier leg, simply because it was able to increase the rate by which it delivered the kick. Will Muay Thai improve flexibility? It’s always a two-way street with Thai boxing and flexibility – the more you stretch, the more flexible you’ll become. And the more flexible you’ll become, the easier it will be to stretch more deeply. This will create a snowball effect that will leave you very flexible after many years of training in this sport.