Is jiu-jitsu good for fitness?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is well-known for its grappling and takedown techniques, which makes some people wonder, “Is jiu-jitsu good for fitness?” In every sense, yes, it will. BJJ involves a lot of constant movement, and this will cause your heart to work overtime, providing you with more cardiovascular endurance. Jiu-jitsu can also improve balance, coordination, and to some degree, strength.

Movements in Jiu-Jitsu

In jiu-jitsu, you’re going to be pushing, pulling, grabbing, resisting, and pressing constantly. For this

Is jiu-jitsu good for fitness?


reason, it’s very easy to see how you’ll get into shape. By grabbing collars and pant legs, you’ll be able to build the strength in your forearms. But pushing your opponent upwards when you’re on the bottom, you’ll build upper body strength and endurance. Almost every position and/or technique associated with BJJ has the potential to get you in shape.



Can Jiu-Jitsu Increase Immune Response?

Studies have shown that cardiovascular activity can encourage immune response and quicken healing since it essentially helps better-circulate white blood cells throughout the body. Granted, extensive and hard training sessions, without proper rest, have been said to weaken the immune system slightly, but in the long run, there’s no doubt that you’ll get sick less often and live healthier after participating in jiu-jitsu.


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Should You Supplement Jiu-Jitsu with Weight Training?

Since Brazilian jiu-jitsu isn’t a strength-based sport, you don’t really need to increase your strength in order to succeed. With that being said, being stronger isn’t necessarily going to hinder your success either. In short, it’s really up to you. If you feel that you can bulk up a little without comprising your speed or technique, then feel free to do so! Just make sure that you’re consuming plenty of calories and protein since you’ll burn a lot of them off during a single session of jiu-jitsu.

Is jiu-jitsu good for fitness?


Jiu-Jitsu – Not an “End-All, Be-All” Solution

Jiu-jitsu, on its own, isn’t going to make you a healthy person. There are things that you need to do off the mat to ensure that this happens. For example, make sure that you’re eating right (avoiding sugars and carbonated sodas) and getting plenty of sleep. Will Brazilian jiu-jitsu get me in shape? Yes, it can. Just make sure that you aren’t “downing” the positive affects by partaking in negative lifestyle habits like smoking, excessively drinking, or working overtime without getting an adequate amount of sleep.