Muay Thai, or as it is sometimes called, “Thai Boxing” is a specialized martial art that was developed in Thailand. Where does Muay Thai come from in regards to its cultural roots? While it was refined and cultured in Thailand hundreds of years ago, some believe that it can be traced back to China, although the sport back then would have looked very different than what it looks like today. Although many scholars disagree as to the exact origins of the sport, there’s no doubt that it remains a popular martial art that is practiced all around the world.


Where Does Muay Thai Come From?

General Overview of Thai Boxing

Portland Muay Thai is well-known for its ability to use body parts that mimic weapons of war. For instance, the hands are often referred to as being the “dagger” or “sword”. The forearms and shins are said to be the “armor” which is used to protect against blows as well as deliver them when needed. The elbows are referred to as the “hammers” or “maces”, which can deliver powerful strikes at moment’s notice. Finally, the legs and knees are said to be the “axes” and “staffs” of the battlefield, and operate as a single unit to deliver damage to an opponent.


Early Origins

The early days of Muay Thai were thought to have come all the way from China. Slowly it made its way through Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, eventually making its way into Thailand where it was refined and used for hundreds of years. Back then, it was primarily a fighting style used during war. Fighters would combat each other very fiercely to survive using these techniques. This is when Muay Thai as a whole became known as a “fighting style” and practiced by various tribes in central and Northern Thailand.


Soldiers who were older would pass these techniques down to future generations, teaching their sons and grandsons defensive and offensive tactics that would allow them to survive a real-life threat. The cycle would then repeat, and those sons would go on to teach their own children. Each strike was designed to deliver a crushing blow, and bring down an opponent quickly so that they could move on to the next one right away. Muay Thai back then, similar to today, also focused on striking and being offensive without leaving yourself exposed.

Where Does Muay Thai Come From?

Where Does Muay Thai Come From?

So, Where Does Muay Thai Come From?

Now you have an answer to the all-too-common question, “Where does Muay Thai come from?” It’s evolved greatly throughout the years, and remains a popular sport all around the world, including North America, South America, and many parts of Asia.