Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art that can not only benefit you on the mat, but also help you in areas of your life off the mat. For anyone wondering, “What can BJJ help me with?” keep reading to learn about the wonderful benefits associated with this martial art.


What Can BJJ Help Me With?

BJJ Makes You More Efficient in Street Fights

Since 99% of fights (an unofficial figure) end up on the ground, it would only make sense to learn a martial art that focuses on that area. Fortunately, that is what Brazilian jiu-jitsu is designed for at its core. Once mastered, this martial art will provide you with the ability to acquire dominant positions on the ground, as well as submit your opposition in a variety of ways including with chokes, leg locks, and arm locks. Plus, it will teach you how to expend the least amount of energy possible to achieve this.

BJJ Will Teach You Sportsmanship

When you first start out in BJJ, and during your first few years of training, you’re going to get beat – a lot. And during this time, you’re going to need to show sportsmanship to your training partners. If you throw a tantrum each time that you get tapped out, you probably one be allowed to train at that particular gym anymore. BJJ is one of those martial arts that will make you humble early on, as well as teach you that losing and getting tapped out is only bringing you that much closer to your black belt.

More BJJ Help

Today, there is a massive community built around Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Tournaments occur in virtually every country in the world, and there are gyms in just about every city as well. When you sign up for BJJ help, you’ll indirectly be signing up for making friends with people who share a similar passion as you do.

BJJ Help

What Can BJJ Help Me With?

You’d be surprised by how quickly you can build connections with people in this sport. If you find it difficult to be as social as you want, BJJ is a sport that can help lessen the pressure associated with making new friends. In fact, it will help it become something easy, and something that you can look forward to rather than be afraid of. What can BJJ help me with? In short, everything. From getting in shape to making new friends and even learning how to defend yourself – this martial art offers it all.