Become an MMA Fighter in Portland!

The goal of every professional MMA fighter is to compete in the UFC and stand victorious. Therefore, whatever training you do and the skills you obtain should be aligned with that ultimate goal. This will help you make smart decisions in terms of your diet and workout regime. Also, keeping your end goal in mind will help you buck up when you feel exhausted while performing a vigorous and intense MMA training routine.

Like it’s said: no pain, no gain. Similarly, to become a professional UFC fighter, you need to work hard, push yourself to the limit, and show perseverance to make your dream become a reality.


Learn Basic MMA Battling Skills

To train yourself as a professional fighter, you need to learn basic mixed martial arts skills like striking, avoidance and grappling. Striking covers techniques like punches and kicks; avoidance includes dodging, blocking and deflecting your opponent, and grappling covers takedowns and submissions.

Join an MMA Fighting Club

Join a mixed martial arts fighting club to learn the basic battling skills. They have exclusive mixed martial arts training programs that combine different martial arts forms like Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, western-style boxing and JKD. It helps develop martial art battling skills and prepares you for MMA fights.

The training program is divided in three phases, covering exercises and techniques which build stamina and endurance, strength and power in you. It shapes your body like a fighter and makes you more resilient.
However, once you decide on your main area of specialization, your training program will be customized accordingly with more exercises and techniques specific to your specialization.

As your training becomes more intense with time, you are also challenged and put into skirmishes against other fighters. This is great as it helps you gain experience and prepare you for competition.


Guidance from Your MMA Trainer

Follow the guidance of your trainer. He or she will guide you about your diet plan and your training regime. This will help you move in the right direction.


Portland MMA: Boxing Training Before a Fight

Gain Some MMA Experience

Once you have acquired training, register yourself for local fighting competitions. This will help you see how good you are and if you are ready to battle it out in the octagon.