As simple as it might sound, tying a jiu-jitsu belt can be complicated if you’ve never done it before! With that being said, we are going to use the following sections to teach you how to tie a BJJ belt so that you can have it down pat in no time.

How to tie a BJJ Belt

How to tie a BJJ Belt


Importance of Tying Your BJJ the Right Way

Aside from safety issues, there are many reasons to ensure that you tie your BJJ belt the right way. For one, not knowing how to properly tie your belt can make you seem like you don’t really care about the sport, and even come across as disrespectful. Secondly, properly tying your belt will keep your kimono tighter while sparring, lessening the change of having your uniform spread all over the place while practicing.

Steps for Tying a Jiu-Jitsu Belt

Here are the steps that you can take to make sure that you tie your jiu-jitsu belt the right way:

– Step 1: Take both of your hands and grab your belt towards its center. Leave approximately 1 foot in-between each of your hands.

– Step 2: Although it might feel counter-intuitive, begin by wrapping the belt behind you first, and then bring to the two ends towards the front. Since the belt is several feet long, this is the only way that you’ll be able to tie it without having excess slack to deal with.



– Step 3: Cross the ends of the belt, and wrap one end under the entire belt and bring it all the way through (sort of like you’re tying your shoelaces).

– Step 4: From here, simply tie the belt like you would a regular knot. If your belt is too long after the first tie, double-knot it for added security.

This is something that you’ll definitely need to get used to doing because you’ll be tying your belt dozens of times per practice most likely – especially on sparring days.


How to Tie a BJJ Belt

Further Help on how to tie a BJJ belt,

Feel free to practice tying your belt in the mirror at home, and if you’re still confused after reading this article then supplement it with a YouTube video that will demonstrate visually how a BJJ belt is supposed to be tied. Now that you understand how to tie a BJJ belt, you’ll be one step closer to looking like a pro and showing others that you take this sport seriously.