The merits of training in Portland BJJ. People often call and ask what some of the benefits of training BJJ really are, what can they really expect? Often the answer is simple and quite open, it depends on what it is you are looking for. There are so many benefits to actively training BJJ that sometimes as a jiu jitsu school it may feel like you are cheating because you can just keep rattling off answers. For those people who want some quick answers, here are a few reasons to train BJJ.

The Merits of Training in Portland BJJ: Part 2

It evolves

BJJ is a process and a sport that always evolves, unlike any other martial art or sports that is out there it fully utilizes a scientific method to determine which moves are still successful and which are still used. If you look at the early days of the jiu jitsu school you would see that it was the Gracie family themselves that tested the effectiveness of techniques both in competition and during training. Unlike other martial arts, old techniques are no longer as useful as they once were and new techniques are constantly being developed to ensure that someone stays one-step ahead of their competition. People are evolving the old technique into a new technique.


The competition
BJJ is focused on achieving the highest possible level of competition that you are capable of, without ever compromising or forgetting about the basics of the sport. For most jiu jitsu schools this means plenty of rolling (live sparring) and structured instructions to help you get better. People have found that once they are rolling with people that are of a higher skill level they may lose at first, but eventually they get better and see improvement within the first few weeks. Seeing that initial improvement is what keeps them coming back the first couple of lessons, and once they get better most people are interested in seeing how far they can push themselves.

The merits of training in Portland BJJThe physical fitness

BJJ is not just about how strong you are, there are people that were at least a foot shorter and were outweighed by 40 pounds who bested much larger opponents. The reason for that is because BJJ focuses on technique rather than raw power. The most interesting part about BJJ is that while it pushes you both mentally and physically, it does not feel like exercising. People are often much more motivated to roll with a high level partner than they are to jump on a treadmill.

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