Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class in portlandSome people who are about to walk into a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class in Portland, OR or anywhere in the country for that matter, have preconceived notions about what exactly BJJ is or how it can benefit you as a person. So because of that let us run down a few of the most obvious benefits.

Why take a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class?

It promotes healthy exercise and living

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tests your flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength like no other sport on the planet. Anyone on the proverbial fitness spectrum can be challenged, whether you have not left your office chair for 10 years or whether you actively run marathons. Anyone can adjust their level of participation in their BJJ class to challenge themselves. While you are challenging and pushing yourself, you are going to see some amazing physical benefits, because ultimately Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is fun.

It is nice that people suggest that you need to exercise vigorously about five times per week to live a healthy life, but once people sign up for a gym membership they often get bored or unmotivated after the first few weeks. Just being a member at a gym does nothing if you are not actually motivated to go. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gets people motivated because it is both challenging and fun. Short-term motivation often translates into long-term motivation, which means that people often find themselves eating healthier and kicking bad habits such as smoking.


Self-confidence booster

Whether you lack self-confidence or have been told you have too much of it, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can bring you down to earth or be used to encourage yourself very quickly. If you know that you can take care of yourself in most situations, both spiritually and physically, you are going to feel better about yourself. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps your body and it rewards patience, focus, discipline, and dedication. It takes people with a chip on their shoulder and reminds them that there may always be someone a little better, and it can give people a true feeling of accomplishment.


The amazing people

The first time you walk into a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class you are going to be amazed at how many different kinds of people actually practice the art. Even though it is an individual sport at heart, you are going to be surrounded by people who you may have just been competing with just a moment ago that provide you with suggestions on how to beat them the next time you grapple. People who train Jiu Jitsu with you want you to get better, because competing at a higher level forces them to get better also.