Mastering the Jab, Cross, and Hook in Your Standup Game

If you were to take a look at all of the best MMA fighters- from George St. Pierre to Anderson Silva- you will notice one thing they all have in common: excellent standup game. Some of the best MMA techniques that you can master as a fighter include the jab, cross, and hook. Each are equally important, and can be used to set up a variety of offensive combinations.


Creating Quicker and More Precise Jabs

In MMA, the jab is often used as a probing tool that can be used to determine range, open up an opponent’s defense, and determine an opponent’s range of attack. There are several different kinds of jabs as well. They include:

– Light Jab

– Stiff Jab

– High Jab

– Low Jab

– Double Jab

Each jab serves a different purpose but overall, each one is used more or less the same. To perform a jab, start in your right stance, and pivot your lead foot while turning your hips and shoulders towards the direction of your lead arm. Your arm should be fully extended throughout your jab, and should “snap” backwards once it has reach full motion.


Developing Powerful and Crushing Crosses

MMA techniques that revolve around crosses are important because these standup techniques are a crucial part of your success as an MMA athlete. For a lot of fighters, the cross tends to be a major sticking point because it generally requires a lot of torque to perform. To perform this technique, shift your weight forward as your extend your rear arm. As your punch it forward, keep your crossing arm in line with your chin. This is a fundamental technique that creates more power and adds to the defense of your chin and face.


Portland MMA Technique: The Cross to Counter a Right Thai Kick


Generating Unstoppable Hooks

The hook is an excellent short-range weapon to add to your arsenal. It is a standup technique that requires both precious and good timing. But when landed, it can mean the knockout of an opponent. MMA techniques for hooks are important because they will make you a much better-rounded fighter. When performing a hook, make sure that you keep your palms facing inward while you keep your knuckles facing out. Not only does this generate more power but it will also lessen the chance of breaking your knuckles when punching an opponent.

Be Sure to Master All Three Standup Techniques

All great MMA fighters understand the importance between these three standup techniques. With them, you can create dozens of different combinations, each of which can be used to create distance, buy time, read your opponent, or go for the knockout blow- which is why mastering all three is crucial for your success.