Gracie Jiu Jitsu classes in PortlandWhile the world of BJJ has moved into the sport realm, Gracie Jiu Jitsu remains firmly rooted in
the self-defense aspects of the art. This is why Gracie Jiu Jitsu puts a lot of emphasis on collar
chokes. Of course, collar chokes are also employed in sportive environments but in a tournament match you do not necessarily need to be an expert at collar chokes to be a great competitor. In a self-defense situation, collar chokes are extremely important to learn.


Why is this so? There are a few reasons. First, people wearing shirts and jackets will have
collars. If you were to be attacked by someone wearing such apparel, it is possible to use the
apparel against him and apply an effective collar choke. Even if the person is wearing a T-shirt it
all it would take would be a few minor modifications use use the shirt to facilitate a choke.

And these chokes definitely are effective against a bigger and stronger opponent. No matter how
big you are you cannot make your carotid artery stronger. Only a person that has experience
dealing with collar chokes can develop a greater resistance to being choked. The average person does not have this ability so an assailant is very vulnerable to a choke. A very strong person can power out of an armbar. A collar choke would be difficult to get out of once it is sunk in.
Additionally, the choke puts a person to sleep. Once they are asleep they certainly cannot cause
any more harm.

Gracie Jiu jitsu Collar Choke From the Mount Position:

There is another added benefit to a collar choke. A choke will not cause any lasting injury
provided it is released immediately after the person falls asleep. A joint lock can cause a broken
bone which may have legal ramifications regardless of the circumstances in which the lock was
applied. This may not be the case with a collar choke if the person suffers no injuries.