Top MMA Submissions That Work

In MMA, submissions are just as important as your standup and clinch game. If you can’t submit opponents then you are really limiting your offensive repertoire. While you don’t necessarily need to become an expert grappler to use these MMA techniques, learning them will take your skills to the next level, and increase your chances of winning more fights.

MMA Submission #1: Triangle Choke

If you’re already a fan of the UFC then you know how often this submission gets used. The triangle choke should be an essential part of your repertoire. A good triangle choke requires focus and an ample amount of training, but once mastered, you will be a much better fighter.

Some general tips to consider would be to make sure that your force your opponent’s head down, shift your hips to the side, and keep their arm pinned across their body while you are performing the choke.

MMA Submission #2: Arm Bar

Arm bars are equally as common MMA techniques that are really powerful. The beauty behind arm bars is that they can be performed from virtually any position while on the ground (even from standing position in rarer cases). With the arm bar, it is important that you fully isolate the arm that you are submitting, followed by extending your hips and looking behind you. Your opponent’s thumbs should be facing the ceiling for the submission to work effectively.


MMA Submission #3: Heel Hooks

If you’ve ever watched pro fighter and grappler Dean Lister in action, then you already understand how powerful heel hooks can really be. One of the main benefits to using these MMA techniques is that not a lot of fighters train to defend them. As a result, you won’t even to utilize perfect technique most of the time in order to acquire the submission (although it is certainly recommended that you do use the best technique possible).


Portland MMA Submission: Arm Bar from the Kimura


MMA Submission #4: Rear-Naked Chokes

These are the “bread and butter” of MMA submissions. Rear-naked chokes are performed when one opponent is one their hands and knees while the other opponent is behind them with their legs hooked. Once a rear-naked choke has been put in tight, it is almost impossible to escape. The tricky part about these chokes in MMA is that fighters, especially in later rounds, can become quite slippery due to blood and sweat. As a result, getting to this position in the first place can be very difficult.

Once you have the rear-naked choke in place, there are a few things that you need to remember. The first thing is to keep your head pressed against the back of their neck while the second is to make sure that you keep your heels hooked inside of their legs to prevent them from rolling away from the submission.