Tai Chi Principles, Are they Important?

For those who are interested in the studying and practicing Tai Chi, you will find that there is much to learn. While you will undoubtedly find that the numerous forms and movements that this ancient martial art from China requires to an important part of learning this particular art, many will tell you that learning the Tai Chi principles is equally if not more important. This is because to the true practitioner the principles are based directly on the laws of nature and how they affect every minute of our lives.

The Concepts

The concept of Tai Chi revolves around you being able to complete all of the movements in slow motion while focusing on your breathing in a form of moving meditation. By meditating in this manner you learn to calm both your mind and your body so that you can be at one with the world around you. Depending on who you talk to as well as who you choose to learn Tai Chi from, you may hear that there is a long list of Tai Chi principles that you must learn and learn to live by.

While there are many different principles of Tai Chi, the most important ones are directly related to achieving the correct balance of your Chi of “Life Force” so that you might become fully relaxed and mindful of your practice. Only by achieving this can you expect to achieve the true mental and physical health benefits that practicing Tai Chi can bring.


Perhaps one of the most important principles of this particular martial art is that of relaxation. You should not visualize this concept as a condition where your body is limp and weak nor one where it is stiff or tight. In fact only when you learn to properly relax can you truly begin to realize the true benefits that come with the regular practice of Tai Chi Chuan such as improved blood circulation and a higher level of both physical and mental wellbeing.

The next of the Tai Chi Principles on the list would be that of good tai chi principlesposture, often described as verticality. Proper upright posture is vital for the flow of your body’s natural energy force or Chi. The slightest lean in any direction will cause your body to become tense as it begins to lose its battle with gravity. When you are standing in the proper vertical position, your muscles will be relaxed and this will allow for the free flow of energy your body needs to function at its best.

Paying very close attention to the center of your body, which is the area of the waist that is just below your navel, lets your natural energy flow through your body and out to your extremities in much the same fashion as the spokes of a wheel. Once you learn how to identify this on a purely physical level, you will find that this will help in your breathing and meditation.

Differentiate your Tai Chi

One must also learn to be able to differentiate between the two sides of your Chi or as they are often referred to the Yin and the Yang. In the principles of Tai Chi this can be seen in the fact that the vast majority of the forms you will learn are performed standing on one leg, showing both the substantial and the insubstantial.

While these are but a few of the various principles of Tai Chi, you will find that the combination of meditation , martial arts and medicine that are the three elements of Tai Chi Chuan will combine together to build a ladder of progression. This ladder will take you from the purely physical aspect of this martial art to a point where you apply all that you have learned to your everyday life and how you deal with others in the world.