Tai Chi improving your work environment


Tai Chi improving your work environment. The corporate world is one filled with an incredible amount of stress and long hours; often this leads to significantly reduced levels of employee performance and increase amounts of absenteeism. Worse than this, even in today’s tough employment environment it can lead to a high level of employee turnover. Not only does this leave you as the owner or CEO of a company dealing with constantly replacing employees, but it adds to the workload and stress of those who remain working for you.

While you might think that using bonuses and incentives can be an effective way to reward those who choose to stay with your company, these do little to correct the root cause of the problem. Unless you can successfully alleviate the issues that are the basis of the problem or find ways to help your employees cope, the situation is not going to get any better. Many employers are finding that supplying access to Tai Chi classes in Portland Oregon is proving to be a major step in the right direction.

The idea of everyone in your office or even out on your production line taking a “Tai Chi Break” might seem almost humorous, especially if you think of some of the guys out on the production floor performing the gentle flowing motions involved. However, numerous studies have shown that as little as fifteen minutes of Tai Chi each day can have a significant effect on both the mental and physical well-being of each of your employees.

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Among the many benefits of Tai Chi Chuan are an increase in self-confidence and morale amongst your staff, this alone will lead to much higher levels of productivity as a happy worker tends to get more done. The deep breathing and meditation can reduce stress and anxiety opening the mind to new levels of creativity and the desire to achieve more. These two changes alone are going to benefit your corporation significantly.

Tai Chi improving your work environment

Then there are the overall health benefits of Tai Chi, starting with your office staff that will now be standing up and exercising for fifteen minutes once or twice per day. Research has shown that Tai Chi Chuan can help with weight loss and lower blood pressure, which in turn will reduce the risk of heart disease and many other illnesses that lead to excessive absenteeism. As a final note, you are going to find that as your employees overall health goes up, you insurance costs are going to go down, which makes everyone a winner.

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