Tai Chi Exercise in an excellent low impact solution


tai chi exerciseExercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. In order to reap the most benefit, a complete exercise routine incorporates strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular training. Regular practice covers all of these fundamental aspects and more—including other benefits such as heightened mindfulness, improved balance, and greater relaxation. When performed correctly under the direction of , these low impact exercises can accommodate people of every skill level, age, or physical condition.

Here is a brief description of how Tai Chi exercise provides basic fitness benefits:


Tai Chi exercise is practiced through slow and focused movements, with an emphasis on staying relaxed and balanced. The act of maintaining good balance throughout the routines encourages proper body alignment and reduces the chances of pain or discomfort in joints. Keeping the muscles relaxed eliminates unnecessary tension and builds functional, whole-body strength through postures not unlike those used in day-to-day activities.


“Tai chi” is roughly translated to “Supreme Ultimate” which can be interpreted to “the extremes of wholeness.” To understand this, imagine a globe: it has a north pole and a south pole, each on completely opposite sides, yet connected by the center and a whole body in between. When done in a relaxed manner, this symbolism can help increase flexibility. Each movement is performed to one’s individual extremes, while preserving balance and center.


Another key aspect to this training is continuous flow. Forms are usually practiced at a steady rate and for prolonged amounts of time. This continuous movement encourages the heart to work harder, providing the body with a gentle cardiovascular exercise. As one progresses, the forms can be performed at faster speeds, pushing the intensity of the exercise and providing variability for continued practice.


Tai Chi exercise encompasses the fundamental elements that make up a complete exercise routine including strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular workout. Because the movements are done at a slow, relaxed, and even pace, they can accommodate any physical condition, and are easily varied to provide that extra push as one progresses through the practice.