Tai Chi and Yoga

Tai Chi vs yogaWhen looking at Tai Chi vs. Yoga, you need to realize that while Tai Chi has its roots seated far back in Chinese history; Yoga has a similar history that began in India. While there are definite similarities in some of the forms, you will also find that the two practices differ significantly from one another and yet can achieve many of the same goals. These goals are to help you achieve a high level of mental and physical well-being or health through the practice of both physical and metal exercises and the use of the appropriate breathing techniques.


One of the biggest differences when it comes to Tai Chi vs. yoga is that yoga was developed purely as a form of individual and group exercise that can be practiced by anyone. On the other hand while Tai Chi can be used a form of both physical and mental exercise, it is also a martial art that can be used in battle. Beyond this the other major difference is that yoga focuses on using the arms to hold your body’s weight and provide the necessary support, Tai Chi focuses on developing and using the muscles in your legs.

As you consider Tai Chi vs. yoga, you would do well to start by looking at the similarities in the benefits that you can expect from either of them. As both practices involve a series of forms or postures that are designed to stretch and improve the flexibility of your muscles, you will find that they will improve your circulation and blood flow. By learning and practicing the methods of breathing and meditation, you can learn to relax your body and your mind and in doing so eliminate the stress and effects it has on both your mind and your body.

You will find that in yoga you are taught to attain a particular posture and hold it for a period of time that will get longer with practice. These forms are designed to have significant positive impact on your physical health and the mental discipline that goes with them can help to create a peaceful state of mind, promote the power of positive thinking and teach you to accept yourself the way you are.

The Tai Chi Energy

With Tai Chi, your body is constantly in motion as you move fluidly from one form to another. This rhythmic movement, combined with the appropriate breathing technique also has significant positive impact on your overall physical health and is considered to be a low impact form of aerobic exercise. Of equal importance is the fact that this constant motion is a form of moving meditation that serves to calm your mind and eliminate your stress.

While you will find in the question of Tai Chi vs. yoga that each is going to have its followers and advantages, yoga is a practice that is just as much about the body as it is the mind, Tai Chi is more about the mind, but both can be used to improve your physical and mental health successfully.



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