From the Mat: Sunday Jiu jitsu Class

Jiu jitsu class on a Sunday evening. We warmed up with stationary back rolls, shrimps and a hip stretch. Then we moved into technique and worked the cross choke. The cross choke is a very basic move in jiu jitsu. With practice it becomes a very reliable choke.

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The choke is great because like much of jiu jitsu it can work in class with a partner, or be used in a self defense manner on the street. It can be implemented on top of an opponent, or while on your back. It is really nice to be able to practice such lethal techniques in such a safe environment. It is nice to know while you are training you have nothing to fear only new things to learn.


After drilling this a few times, the counter was added, and of course, the counter to the counter.

From technique we move to the game of jiu jitsu:

This interplay of counters offers a game. Though we started class drilling a submission, by adding a few counters we branched into a controlled match. Our starting position was full mount, end position being subjective to the game of counters; either the person on bottom escaping from the mount or being submitted by the practitioner on top. Switching partners throughout class helps us understand some of the different energies each practitioner can bring to the table, acknowledging the affect your partner has on your own style, while learning how size plays a role in strategy. The class ended with sweaty hand shakes, earnest compliments and high fives; a great start or end to anyone’s week.

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