How to Successfully Defend a Roundhouse Kick

There are basic MMA techniques that you can use to defend a roundhouse kick from even the most skilled opponents. You can use your legs and hands (when appropriate). A key point to remember is that using your hands to block kicks below your waist may force your off balance, putting you in an even worse situation.

Portland MMA Technique #1: Shin Block

The shin block is one of the first defensive MMA techniques that you should understand as a mixed martial arts fighter. You shins will essentially absorb the blow that is coming from your opponent. It is important that you develop pain tolerance and amazing balance to successfully apply this defensive technique. To perform it, simply bring up your lead leg as your opponent is sticking with their kick.


Portland MMA Technique #2: Stump

The stump is another quality defensive technique that works quite well at defending roundhouse kicks. With this defense, you are essentially absorbing the blow with either the inside or outside of your thigh. Similar to the previous technique, it is important that you develop pain tolerance to utilize this technique on a consistent basis.

Portland MMA Technique #3: Pass the Kick

Once you’ve learn the previous two MMA techniques, you should be ready to perform more advanced defensive moves. Passing the kick requires a tremendous amount of coordinating and agility. However, once you master it, you will be able to shift your opponent’s leg past you this, breaking their defense. With this technique, you are basically “parrying” the kick to the side while using your free hand to attack.

Portland MMA Technique #4: Cut Kick

The cut kick is another advanced defensive technique that has a high success rate. With this technique, you will “cut” your opponent’s kicking leg by kicking it yourself. This requires a great deal of intuition and practice to be performed correctly. If your opponent were performing a roundhouse kick to your waist, you could use this technique to kick their standing leg before their kick hits you. This devastating counter can cause a lot of damage, and will likely catch your opponent off-guard.


Portland MMA Technique: Cut Kick to Stop the Roundhouse Kick

Portland MMA Technique #5: Preventing the Front Kick

Front kicks are equally as important to defend. One of the better MMA techniques that you can use to block them is by parrying them just like a punch. The entire point to this technique is to redirect it just enough so that your opponent goes off balance. As a result, you will be able to evade the kick, enter your opponent’s range, and set up your own offensive combinations. For instance, against a front kick that is aimed towards your waist, simply scoop the bottom of the kicking foot, pool the scooped foot forward, and then throw them off balance.