The Spleen’s Sound

• Energy: Stabilizing
• Associated Organ: Pancreas, Stomach
• Element: Earth
• Season: Indian Summer
• Color: Yellow
• Negative emotions: Worry
• Positive emotions: Fairness, Openness
• Sound: “whooooo” (from the throat- guttural)

For the spleen sound in this qigong set, inhale the hands up to the left lower rib. The fingertips of each hand are pressing lightly on the abdomen just under the center of the rib. Exhale as you press up and in with fingers; pressing in underneath the ribcage. Make the “whoooo” sound as you press in. The sound is sub-audible and comes from the back of the throat. Inhale and release the pressure, returning the hands to settle on the thighs. Rest here for three breaths with the palms facing up. When you exhale during these interim breaths do not create the sound but continue to hear it in your mind. Lightly focus on the connections and associating with this movement.

Repeat this movement of the Six Healing Sounds qigong three or more times.




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