The Lungs’ Sound

• Energy: Contracting Back
• Associated Organ: Large Intestine
• Element: Metal
• Season: Fall
• Color: White
• Negative emotions: Grief, Sadness, Depression
• Positive emotions: Courage, Righteousness
• Sound: “ssssss” (tongue behind the teeth)


To begin this movement of the Six Healing Sounds qigong set, inhale and lift the hands with the breath. The palms rotate out and up as the hands pass the height of the crown of the head. They press up above the head and the gaze is lightly up. As you exhale inaudibly create the “sssss” sound with the tongue lightly pressing behind the teeth. As you inhale the hands sink back down to the thigh and rest for three breaths with the palms facing up. When you exhale during these interim breaths do not create the sound but continue to hear it in your mind. Try to engage with as many of the visualization aspects a you can without them becoming a distraction. Repeat this movement of the Six Healing Sounds qigong three or more times.


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