The Heart’s Sound

• Energy: Radiating
• Associated Organ: Small IntestineSeminars10_11-0251 • Element: Fire
• Season: Summer
• Color: Red
• Negative emotions: Impatience, Hastiness, Arrogance, Cruelty
• Positive emotions: Joy, Honor, Sincerity, Respect, Love
• Sound: “Hawwww” (mouth wide open)

Inhale as you lift the hands up and out to the sides. Continue lifting and interlace the fingers above the crown pushing up and out with the hands. In the Six Healing Sounds Qigong movement you lean to your right, exhaling through an open mouth, while making the “haaawww” sound in the back of the throat. Inhale back to center and open the arms down to the sides, returning to rest on the thighs. Rest here for three breaths with the palms facing up. When you exhale during these interim breaths do not create the sound but continue to hear it in your mind. Lightly visualize the associations with the sound. You are only directing your intent toward these connections without falling into fantasy.

Repeat this movement of the Six Healing Sounds qigong three or more times.



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