Should I Teach My Child Self-Defense?


For the most part, yes, child self-defense classes are perfectly safe for kids of all ages. Of course, this really boils down to how safe the instructors are being. Make sure that your children’s instructors are experienced, knowledgeable about the martial art, and that they use proper safety protocols during practice. If you feel that your child isn’t safe during practice then don’t hesitate to move them to a safer gym.

Are Child Self-Defense Moves practical?

You’d be surprised by just how much children can learn by taking self-defense classes. The benefit to putting your child in a class like, say, Jiu-Jitsu, is that they’ll be able to practice with children of the same age and same size. Plus, the instructors will more than likely making learning these moves a fun and stress-free experience. Within a short amount of time, self-defense classes are going to be something that your children will really look forward to!



Start Them Off As Young as Possible

To key to teaching children is to put them in classes as quickly as possible. Don’t wait until they are teenagers. Put them in classes when they are five or six years old (when they’re brains are still forming).

Should I Teach My Child Self-Defense?

Studies have shown that children who were exposed to self-defense classes at a younger age grew up with more confidence and better health. If you want your child to maintain a healthy weight throughout their teenage years, as well as have the ability to defend against a bully, then self-defense classes early on in life are the way to go.

How Much Are These Child Self-Defense Classes?

Let’s use BJJ as an example. The average cost of a BJJ class for a child is roughly $200 per month for a quality school. Remember that there will be another upfront cost of about $60 more for your child’s gi (assuming that they are training with the gi). Overall, the cost of your child’s monthly classes are well worth the knowledge and self-confidence that they will gain.