From our members:

After work the other day, something very interesting happened to me. I walked out of the building I work in with a male co-worker, and as soon as we were out of the building he came at me in an attempt to tickle me. Here’s the interesting part- as soon as he lunged towards me, I immediately found myself in my Muay Thai stance; and my friend backed down! It wasn’t intentional because I didn’t feel seriously threatened, but as soon as my fists went up, the expression on my friend’s face dropped, and he admitted that he was actually intimidated by me. Pretty cool for a 5 ft. blonde girl. I also found it interesting that my reaction was so immediate.

Having self-defense skills is like any other sort of education. It can’t be taken away once you have it. It’s an investment. No matter what kind of situation I might find myself in, I know how to use my body to my advantage. The fact that I put off the right energy before my friend was even able to touch me- to make him back down- is pretty awesome.

As is often mentioned in class, strength is one thing, but coordination is another. I don’t have the body or muscle mass of most men, but I know techniques that a potential attacker might not.