In Chinese philosophy the term Qi or Chi is used to denote the flow of natural energy that exists in all living beings. It is said that as long as your Qi is in alignment and flowing smoothly throughout your body, you are in harmony with the world and that you are physically and mentally healthy. The theory then goes on to say that if your Chi is out of alignment, you will experience many different problems. Many practice Tai Chi as a way to restore their Qi and enjoy the many benefits that go with this ancient Chinese martial art.

In the west we tend to lead very busy and stressful lives, most of us work far too many hours and try to juggle raising a family and all of the activities that go along with this role. It can often seem like there is no time for ourselves and most certainly no time to simply stop and relax. In time the stress will continue to build up, which leads to any number of issues such as obesity, anxiety, heart conditions, cancer and more.

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The longer you allow your life to spin out of control like this, the more your Chi is likely to be disturbed and the more unwell you are going to feel. Rather than allowing this to happen, you need to enroll in Tai Chi classes such as those available in Portland Oregon. Studies show that taking time out for yourself can be one of the best ways to restore your personal sense of well-being. But you will find that the flowing exercises of Tai Chi Chuan combined with the breathing exercises you are taught can have the same effect as meditation while at the same time keeping you physically fit.

Restoring Your Qi with Tai Chi

Restoring Your Qi with Tai Chi

Those who regularly practice Tai Chi have been found to have lower blood pressure and a much calmer state of mind. In traditional Chinese medicine it is thought that when your body and your mind are focused and relaxed, your Chi is in alignment. In western medicine, we know that being in a relaxed and calm state lets your body function properly. The deep breathing exercises help to fully oxygenate your blood and in turn this boosts your immune system, increasing your resistance to many illnesses.

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As a final note, the steady low impact exercises of Tai Chi Chuan have been proven to be a very effective way of helping to keep your body in tune. You will lose weight, stretch and exercise the muscles that spend far too much time sitting at work and through the meditative effects achieve a calm and relaxed state that will persist. Those who practice Tai Chi tend to live much longer and healthier lives as can be seen by the number of very healthy 60-80 year old people who practice Tai Chi daily at sunrise in China.


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