Renowned author, Tai Chi and Qigong master, Dr. Yang will be holding a seminar in Portland, OR.

Intended for all skill levels, this seminar will focus on the foundation of your Qigong practice; developing a strong root of understanding to support your training. We will also be exploring and playing various sticky hands concepts, improving our understanding of the interplay of energy and force and intent.

The Qigong and Sticky Hands Seminar with Dr. Yang will be held

Saturday 1/22 & Sunday 1/23 from 9am to 5pm; $240

The seminar will take place at the Northwest Internal/Fighting Arts studio:

1200 SE Morrison St. Portland OR, 97214


Attendance will be limited to 45 participants. We strongly encourage pre-registration with a $100 deposit to ensure your space.*

Call 503-235-3435 or contact us via the form below for information and registration.