Positive self-awareness with martial arts


Three Successful Tips to Build Positive self-awareness with Martial Arts

When you hear people talk about martial arts often times it is about punching and kicking or this choke or maybe that knife defense. While these physical techniques are some of what makes martial arts fun and interesting, to the true practitioner the self-defense and fighting applications are just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few weeks I am going to talk about some of the deeper aspects of training in the martial arts and show you how this practice will make you a better student in life.

One of the ways martial arts will expand your vision is through developing positive self-awareness. By practicing the physical movements in martial arts, you are learning how your body and mind work together. As you start to become more in tune with how they function as one your awareness becomes heightened and you start to see things that you never noticed before. These realizations will help you to develop a higher level of confidence and a positive outlook towards other areas in your life.

positive self-awarenss with martial arts


Here are a few ideas how you can use the practice to increase your positive self-awareness with martial arts.

1- Be more curious and continue to learn.
a- Investigate 3 of your favorite fighters/martial artists to see what styles they have trained in, what strategies they use for conditioning, diet and meditation. What are their training methods and philosophies? See if there is any correlation to what you are learning or if there are any new techniques you can apply to your training rituals.
b- How did the martial art you practice originate? Read some of the history not only about the art itself but the culture in which it was created.
c- Look up who the coaches are of your 3 favorite competitors and learn about their philosophies and strategies.

2- Break your daily/weekly routine.                                                                                              Change things up to keep some newness in your training and to learn other ways to grow. By applying these concepts and expanding your knowledge you will find your motivation will increase helping you to accomplish more while keeping a strong focus. Here are a couple of examples:

a- Try adding 20 minutes of spinning the rope after every workout. This will increase your endurance and build a strong rhythm.
b- Burn out with 3 heavy rounds on the bag after your training session to push your physical limits.
c- Try adding 20 minutes of body mechanic or flexibility drills 4-5 times per week.
d- Meditate 20 minutes every morning to start your day and get in a positive mindset.
e- Spend 20 minutes before sleeping to visualize 5 techniques you are working on improving. Notice every detail of the movements in your mind. Be precise and clear with each movement.

3- Make a list “Create a tool box”
a- What are 10 things you do well in your training?
b- What are 10 areas you want to improve in training, life and interpersonally?
c- Pick the top 3 liabilities and schedule a weekly and monthly plan on how to improve these areas. What will you practice, read, study, watch, etc… to improve? Be detailed in what you will do and hold yourself accountable for your progress. Keep a log so at the end of the month you can look back and evaluate the progress.

These are just a few ideas you can use to increase your positive self-awareness.

To be a good fighter, martial artist, teacher or person you need to stay positive and continue to grow. Always push yourself to the next level. No matter what your limitations are you can always find a way to improve. For all of you in the program here at the academy let me know how things are coming and what you are doing to change up your routine and increase your awareness. Post any questions/successes up on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NWfighting/.