What many people do not realize is that because of the the low impact benefits of Tai Chi, Tai Chi is the most commonly practiced exercise in the world. Millions of people practice this ancient Chinese martial art to improve their overall physical and mental health. No longer is the practice of Tai Chi Chuan considered to be nothing more than a craze or a Chinese phenomenon as the number of people participating is growing at incredible rates all around the world.

The low impact benefits of Tai Chi

If you are looking for a low impact workout that is still going help you burn the calories you wish to burn and to help you strengthen your body, you will find that the exercises involved in the various forms as a part of Tai Chi can help you accomplish your goals. If you look at many of the standard forms of exercise taught in gyms all around Portland, Oregon, they all do one thing very well. They lower your energy levels and the more you exercise the more your supply of energy will be depleted.

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On the other hand, the gentle slow pace of Tai Chi exercises when combined with the proper breathing exercises and focused attention actually serve to provide you with a sense of calmness, making you far more flexible and balanced. All of this will leave you feeling refreshed and energized instead of finishing your exercised feeling tired and out of energy. Over time this will allow you to lead a more productive and active life.

The low impact benefits of Tai Chi

Standing Meditation

While the origins of Tai Chi are based in the teaching of a martial art form, you will find that there are many instructors that now teach all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan more for their profound effects on people’s health and fitness as well as for its healing abilities. Even the modern medical world is finally starting to take notice and see it as a viable natural medicine and as a natural therapeutic treatment for many different disorders.

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