Standing Guillotine ChokeWhether you are actively competing in Jiu Jitsu with others in Portland, OR, or whether you are involved in law enforcement or a real life fight, the goal for everyone involved in a fight is to end the fight as soon as possible and to ensure you take the least amount of damage possible. That is why the Standing Guillotine Choke is one of those perfect Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques that allow you to dictate what you want to have happen. This way, even if you find yourself attacked by someone, you can quickly take the reins and ensure that you have a moment to catch your breath and decide what you want to do next. In this position, both you and your opponent are standing on your feet facing one another.

The Standing Guillotine Choke – The Breakdown

1. With your left hand, grab the right hand of your opponent

2. With your right hand, grab the back of your opponent’s head

3. Take a step back, with your right leg back fully

4. Because your right leg is back further, it allows you to pull your opponents head towards you

5. Make sure that while you pull, you keep your opponents head down

6. Now with your right arm you release the back of their head and crank around their neck

7. Now release their arm with your left hand, and clasp both your arms together

8. Because you are now placing your arms together, it fully applies the choke and at the same time ensures that your opponent has nowhere to go from here.


Remember, if you are training in Portland, OR with a sparring partner, these types of chokes can be very effective and it only takes a few seconds for your sparring partner to lose consciousness. That is one of the reasons it is so important that you learn from a good instructor.

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