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A typical Jiu Jitsu School

Why do people come to train at a jiu jitsu school? If you walk into any training facility and ask people about why they have started training you would see that the answers are as varied as the people themselves are. If you are considering training BJJ in Portland, OR, you may not yet know a few reasons about why people decide to start training.

Some people assume that the only people that you are going to meet when you go to train at a jiu jitsu school are those people that are fanatically devoted and want to earn their black belt as quickly as possible while competing at the highest level. Sometimes people worry about how they would fit in with those types of practices, but remember that BJJ is even beneficial if you do not have the intent of earning your black belt.

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BJJ is great for having fun and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, most people that you are going to see at any jiu jitsu school train because they love to train. While your personal goal may be to be fitter, the person next to you may want to learn BJJ for self-defense, while the person standing across from you wants to learn more and pass on the knowledge that they have soaked up after years of practice.


People from every walk of life and social status enjoy training BJJ. People keep coming back to it because it is effective and fun. While other martial arts may focus on limited techniques, jiu jitsu has a seemingly limitless number of techniques. On average, it takes more time to become a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than it does to become a doctor. That is how you know that BJJ has something special about it.


Ultimately, your decision and choice on why you train is personal. Some people want to lose weight, others want to become more social, and others just love the thrill of competition and want to see how good they can really be. Whatever reason you have to want to train, once you start it is only going to be a positive influence in your life. Because nothing but positive things can come from a person wanting to better themselves. Whatever your reason behind starting to train, just give it a try and you will find it was the right decision for you.