In the game of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, unlike wrestling you will become familiar with fighting from all positions. That is why this Collar Choke from the Guard is a great move to learn when you do find yourself on your back. Just because you are on your back, does not mean that you should simply try to escape or are relatively defenseless. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you can actually go on the offense even when the opponent seems to have the upper hand. This particular technique works better when you are practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a Gi. As always, these instructions should be considered positional, if you see an opening on the other arm or side, you simply reverse the instructions as you see them here to make them applicable.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques: The Helio Collar Choke – The Breakdown


Jiu jitsu school in Portland Helio Collar Choke

1. Use your hand to open the collar on your opponent a bit

2. With your left hand – grab the collar with your thumb on the outside of the collar

3. Do not focus on too deep a grip, it is not required for this choke to be successful

4. Slide your right hand into the collar, keep the thumb on the inside of the collar

5. Keep a deep grip to ensure success

6. With your left hand, pull your opponent down

7. At the same time, push your right elbow to the ceiling

8. Bring them together, tightening the collar around the neck of your opponent


While the opponent may have been on top of you and seemed to have the upper hand, thanks to successful Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you now have the upper hand and have a tight choke on your opponent. You are actually using their Gi against them. If you want to try and train this relatively advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique, as well as others, it becomes important that you find a place to train in Portland, OR that does not just rely how to perform the move, but also how to perfect it.