Jiu Jitsu in Portland: Triangle ChokeOne of the most impressive looking techniques in BJJ is the Triangle Choke from the Guard, especially in competition and mixed martial arts, it is one of the most impressive techniques to pull off and allows the user to pull off a victory from seemingly out of nowhere. In this example, your opponent is trying to pass through your guard to do further damage. Rather than simply lying there, or trying to roll them off of you, you are going to turn defense into offense. This is one of the reasons BJJ is applicable in so many situations. As always, these instructions should be considered positional, if you see an opening on the other arm or side, you simply reverse the instructions as you see them here to make them applicable.

BJJ Techniques: The Triangle Choke From Guard – The breakdown:

  1. Your opponent is attempting to come up on their left foot, this way they can create some more space and opens up possibilities for them
  2. Make sure that your opponent does not secure your left bicep. If you keep your left bicep free, it is going to help you apply the triangle choke fully
  3. Your opponent tries to slide their arm between your legs, as they do – grab their arm with your right hand
  4. Uncross your feet (getting out of the closed guard) and turn counter-clockwise. If you find that you have difficulty completing this move, pull on your opponents left wrist to help give you some leverage.
  5. Try to position your right hand on the back of your opponent’s neck.
  6. Position their right arm across your own body as shown on picture. You want to ensure that your opponents arm stays in front of your opponent’s neck.
  7. Position your right foot, and place it directly underneath your left knee, this completes the hold and secures the hold
  8. Try to keep your leg bent, and use both hands to pull on your opponents head
  9. If you push down your opponents head, while simultaneously pushing upwards with your hips, you apply extra pressure.


If you want to fully understand how to apply this BJJ technique, and others, it is always a good idea to find BJJ training in Portland, OR that not only understands your needs, but can also explain the techniques in a way that makes sense to you.