bjj school in portland  Mount positionOne of the reasons that the mount is so important, is because in BJJ, both in competition and in actual street fights, it is the most common position that you are going to find yourself in. Add in the fact that it is a position you can do a lot of damage in Jiu Jitsu, and you understand why it is important that you perfect passing into guard as quickly as possible. If you are going to train Jiu Jitsu in Portland, OR, it should be one of the first things you are taught. There are a few different variations of the mount you should be aware of. As always, these instructions should be considered positional, if you see an opening on the other arm or side, you simply reverse the instructions as you see them here to make them applicable.

 Portland BJJ techniques:  The Mount position –  The Breakdown

Basic mount in BJJ

    1. Rest all of your weight onto the chest or stomach of your opponent
    2. This means that if they attempt a submission, strike or choke, you can better counter their technique
    3. You want to ensure that your balance is leaning slightly forward, but not to where it becomes easier for your opponent to shrug you off.


Alternate mount in BJJ (Leaning forward)

  1. If you sprawl forward and flatten out on the opponents face, it makes it difficult for your opponent to catch their breath
  2. Not only will they be tired from attempting to escape, but you take their wind from them.
  3. It also works perfectly if you need a rest yourself
  4. Make sure you position your hands like in the picture, so your opponent cannot roll you off


Alternate mount for BJJ

  1. You make sure you wrap the arm around the back of the neck
  2. This stops your opponent from moving from underneath you
  3. It also opens up opportunities for a choke or other submission
  4. Beware that you are vulnerable to being rolled.


Grapevine the leg in BJJ

  1. When your opponent raises your leg, try to twine around their legs and hook their calves with your ankles
  2. This means it becomes more difficult for your opponent to escape
  3. If you have grapevined both legs, it becomes difficult for the person on the bottom to escape.  However it’s also hard to get many submissions from this position