The heel hook in bjjWhether you are in a real fight, competing, or simply sparring with BJJ, the moment you have a firm Heel Hook in Bjj, your opponent is quickly going to give up the fight because of the pressure it puts on their joints. BJJ is about taking a fight down to a place where it is comfortable for you, whether you are fighting a much larger or stronger opponent or someone who is around your size.


As always, these instructions should be considered positional, if you see an opening on the other arm or side, you simply reverse the instructions as you see them here to make them applicable. The Heel Hook is a move that is legitimately dangerous for your opponent during BJJ practice, so if you are training this move in Portland, OR with a sparring partner, you want to ensure that you do not go too hard because the difference between a tap and someone being seriously injured can be minimal.


You start the set-up for the heel hook as you after you have just gotten out of the guard of your opponent. Once your opponent has uncrossed their feet (after releasing the guard), you want to act quickly.


Portland BJJ Techniques: Heel Hook in Bjj – The breakdown


1. Get on your feet, and put your right hand onto the left knee of your opponent

2. Push down on their left knee, this causes their legs to remain uncrossed

3. Once you have their legs uncrossed, position your right arm around their left ankle

4. You want the top of their foot to be positioned right underneath your own armpit to ensure that it cannot get away

5. Meanwhile, keep your right hand across your own chest so it can spring into action whenever necessary.

6. Place your elbow directly on the bottom of their foot

7. Keep your forearm on the inside of their foot

8. Place your left arm over the leg of your opponent, and hold onto your wrist as pictured

9. To fully extend the Heel Hook, move your right hand to the left

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