The Triangle Choke form the Guard


The Triangle Choke form the Guard. One of the beautiful aspects of BJJ techniques is that it does not have to feel comfortable right away the first time you perform a technique, but as you get better at applying it you start to realize why you were practicing in the first place. One of the most important aspects why people train BJJ for self-defense in Portland, OR is because it means you are never out of a fight. Even when you are on your back, you still have the ability to switch the momentum of a competition or a real life encounter in the blink of an eye if you master the technique. The triangle choke may be a difficult technique to master, but it is a very effective fighting tool. In this situation, your opponent is in your guard.

Portland BJJ Technique: The Triangle Choke form the Guard

1. Start by grabbing both of your opponents wrists

2. Push one hand onto the body of your opponents, giving yourself a little space

3. Push one foot into the hip of your opponent

4. Lift your hips up, and lock your foot down while you pull your opponents arm across your body towards you

5. Push, pull, lift, and lock your legs around the neck of your opponent

6. The important thing is that you lock your angle in while you apply the triangle choke rather than just being stiff as board in a straight line, this improves the effectiveness of the choke

Portland BJJ Video: The Triangle Choke From the Guard

This is one of those moves that you can apply from many different angles, meaning that it can come out of nowhere even when your opponent is least expecting it. Even though it provides an excellent full body workout, the many different techniques in BJJ and the creative aspect that comes along with it are one of the main reasons that people keep coming back to the sport.

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