Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – White Belt w/ one stripe

Minimum Training Time: 45 Classes


I.          Warm ups

  • Shrimps
  1. Two foot
  2. Outside foot
  3. Inside foot

Note: When shrimping do not lift hips.  Push with the balls of the feet and stay low to the ground.  Exhale when you extend for power.

  • Bridges
  1. Center
  2. Shoulders
  3. One leg
  • Rolling
  1. Front roll from squat
  2. Back shoulder roll R,L
  3. Standing front roll
  • Up and Downs
  1. Legs together down slow
  2. Up to lunge down slow
  • Rocking
  1. Front back with leg swing
  2. Legs in
  3. To hip stretch (with and without hands)
  • Sprawls
  1. Squat
  2. One leg
  3. Roll to sprawl

Note: The goal of these techniques and this curriculum is to put in the training time and drill the positions.   A good number to shoot for is 3000-4000 repetitions for all techniques.   If you put in this kind of effort you will find you are pulling off more and being successful more often when free rolling or in competitions.


II.          Guard Position

  • Posture
  1. Standing
  2. Up on knees
  3. Knee squeeze arms checking biceps
  • Breaks for Closed Guard
  1. Elbow
  2. Knee split
  3. Can opener
  • Guard Passes
  1. Elbow escape
  2. Shoulder stack
  3. Double arm stack
  • Guard Submissions
  1. Juji (6 count arm bar)
  2. Kimura
  3. Triangle


III.          Cross Body Position

  • Basic Pins (holds)
  1. Under hook and neck
  2. Neck and hip
  3. Neck and near hip
  • Cross Body Escapes
  1. Elbow escape
  2. Upa and roll
  3. Under hook and spin out (to head or leg side)
  • Cross Body Submissions
  1. Juji (arm bar)
  2. Upper branch, straight branch and low branch
  3. Side sleeper


IV.          Mount Position

  • Positions
  1. High mount
  2. Low mount (grapevine)
  3. Side mount
  • Mount Escapes
  1. Elbow escape (A,B,C)
  2. Upa roll
  3. Upa to butterfly
  • Mount Submissions
  1. Juji (arm bar)
  2. Upper branch
  3. Triangle choke


V.          Kesa Gatame

  • Positions
  1. Head and arm
  2. Under hook and arm
  3. Face the feet
  • Kesa Escapes
  1. Roll
  2. Leg over head
  3. Out the back
  • Kesa Submissions
  1. Upper branch
  2. Straight branch
  3. Side sleeper


VI.          Quarter (turtle) Position

  • Positions
  1. Cross face hold
  2. Under hook (Near and far)
  3. Work in hooks
  • Turn Over’s
  1. Far arm drag
  2. Ankle and knee drag
  3. Ankle and arm drag
  • Submissions
  1. Dragging arm bar
  2. Rear naked choke


*Testing requirements-  Tests will be given on a semi private basis.

  1. You will need to be in full uniform
  2. You will need to have all curriculum memorized
  3. The test fee will be $30 due at time of test
  4. You are receiving a new color belt the cost of the belt will be $15