What’s new with NorthWest Fighting Arts?


  • Congrats to upper level Muay Thai testers!

  • Next test date is 3/11!

  • Have a friend interested in NW fighting arts? Bring ‘em in!




  • Looking for curriculum help? Coach Shelby and coach Erik are helping students before and after classes. Times are Monday-Thursday before and after class.

  • Next test date is 3/11

  • Congratulations to those who tested last time around! Eddie Kolitz white belt 3 stripes, Isaiah Mccar white belt 1 stripe, Margarita Khorosheva white belt 1 stripe, Matthew Ries Blue belt

  • The next sub-league competition event is April 12th! Want to compete? Talk with coach Karl about what you need to do and make sure to check out his Friday afternoon classes from 4:30 to 6.

Muay Thai:

  • Congratulations to upper level testers! For those of you looking to test next time around, don’t hesitate to ask for help from coach Shelby or a fellow student. Thos testers were: Level II – Reg Johnson, Adam Wong, Josh Martyn, Katy Merrill, Alex Puerto-Silva, and Brandon Puerto-Silva

  • Level IV – Erik Nelson There will be an additional upper-level makeup test on Tuesday, March 4th @ 6pm.

  • Next test date is 3/11 for level 1

  • In need of extra help? Don’t forget to check out the new AFT class on Tuesday and Thursdays. The class is only 20 minutes long and gives a more focused attention to technique.


Have a friend interested in NW Fighting Arts, bring them in!

We have many options for friends looking to try out at the academy! We offer two week passes and a FREE private lesson with one of our coaches! If you bring in a friend and they sign up, you get one month FREE! So come on down to NorthWest Fighting Arts with an interested friend!