Minimum Training Time:  45 Classes

Warm ups

  • Shoulder to shoulder rolls
  1. Use hands roll one direction
  2. Alternate directions
  3. Continuous circle


  • Backward pop ups
  • Crawls
  1. Crab walk
  2. Bear crawls
  3. 4 corner replace


  • Monkey mans
  • Quarter flips
  • Bicycles
  1. Center
  2. Left side
  3. Right side
  4. Reverse all three angles


  • Figure 4’s (hips high)
  • Stand and base
  • Arm bar position drill (Swing leg)

Mount Position

  • Mount escapes
  1. Upa with choke defense
  2. Elbow escape with choke defense
  3. Elbow escape with choke defense and counter with Juji


  • Mount Submissions
  1. Cross choke under
  2. Cross choke over (thumb in collar or over shoulder grab)
  3. Palm down, thumb in, forearm down across throat and grab chest lapel choke
  4. Cross choke over head grab
  5. Brazilian arm bar
  6. Shooto arm bar
  7. English arm bar

Guard position

  • Guard posture and positioning
  1. Lapel grab one over one under
  2. Lapel grab two over
  3. Lapel swim (always have one hand over)
  4. Sit back and belt grab


  • Sweeps
  1. Sit up sweep
  2. Scissor sweep (lapel grab)
  3. Elevator sweep


  • Guard submissions
  1. Sit up and slide to Kimura
  2. Cross choke (both palms up) pull down
  3. Cross choke (both palms up) move up
  4. Cross choke second palm down and grab Gi over shoulder
  5. Cross choke second hand slide thumb in palm down
  6. Guillotine choke


  • Defense
  1. Cross choke defense in guard (fist to ribs, grab lapel and look up)
  2. Cross choke defense in guard single grab (bob–n–weave)
  3. Cross choke defense in guard single grab (Bicep crush and look up)
  4. Cross choke defense in guard single grab deep (head turn to make slack) and check free hand
  5. Guillotine choke defense

Cross Body Position

  • Cross body escapes
  1. Roll to ¼ pull to guard
  2. Overhook shrimp hook leg and pull to guard
  3. Overhook arm underhook body, turn 45 degrees and upa
  4. Armpit counter to N/S position turn to quarter and single leg
  5. Try (D) Opponent pushes shoulder down hip bump towards knee and roll
  6. Try (E) Opponent bases down and shrimp out to elbow escape


  • Cross body submissions
  1. Neck wrap (counter to shrimp out) guillotine hand clasp, step over to mount
  2. Arm crush
  3. Knee pin to knee bar
  4. Brazilian pin to near side choke over arm
  5. Brazilian pin to underarm collar grab and cross choke with the head side arm

Quarter Position

  • Quarter Submissions
  1. D’arce choke
  2. D’arce choke (counter to single or double)
  3. Peruvian necktie

Take Downs

  • Single leg
  • Double leg
  • Heel trap
  • Under hook pull and leg check
  • Under hook lift and leg trap
  • Hip through

Flow Drills

  • Escape Mount
  1. Upa, pass the guard
  2. Upa, pass the guard, submission
  3. Elbow escape, sweep
  4. Elbow escape, sweep, and submission


  • Escape Kesagatame
  1. Out the back door to Juji to sweep to kesagatame


  • Inferior Position Drill
  1. Escape, get position, submission

Competitive Games

  • Keep the Mount
  • Maintain the Guard
  • Maintain Cross Body
  • Cross Body to Mount
  • Knees to guard or to cross body
  • Drills 1-4 with Submissions
  • Neutral knees to Sparring




Testing requirements- Tests will be given on a semi private basis.   
1) You will need to be in full uniform
2) You will need to have all curriculum memorized
3) The test fee will be $30 due at time of test
4) You are receiving a new color belt the cost of the belt will be $15