Dr. Yang Jwing Ming



Sifu Jeff just returned from a week-long push hands seminar with the world renowned Dr Yang Jwing Ming. Dr. Yang is the author of over 30 books on the martial arts, and was recently elected by inside Kung Fu Magazine as one of the 10 people “who have made the greatest impact on the martial arts over the last 100 years,” according to YMAA.com



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– Tuesday, August 26th Level 1 striking and all levels BJJ testing

– Tuesday, October 7th Level 1 striking and all levels BJJ testing

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Student of the Month


Congratulations to Margarita Khorosheva, NWFA’s student of the month. Margarita is a member of the AFT program. She passed her level 4 test and began phase 2 of the striking program in May of this year. Last month she spent a week at Thai Camp with Arjan Chai sharpening her skills.

[Here’s Margarita with, from left to right: Arjan Chai, Guru Dan Inosanto and Professor Leonard Trigg.]