If you’re trying to lose a significant amount of weight, then turning towards a martial art is definitely a good idea. Is Muay Thai good for weight loss? It’s certainly possible to lose a lot of weight training in this sport – just keep in mind that it’s going to require more than just training 2 times per week. For it to really be effective, you’ll also need to incorporate a healthy, balanced diet as well as supplement your training with intense cardio-based sessions.


Is Muay Thai Good For Weight Loss?

Regulating Caloric Intake – Tips and Info

Even if you train 6 hours per day, it will be difficult to lose weight if you’re constantly filling your body with an equal amount of calories. This is why caloric intake is probably the most important tip to keep in mind when losing weight in Muay Thai. Because of this, you’ll need to get used to counting calories! Before purchasing anything at the supermarket, make sure that you know exactly how many calories are in it. This should become a daily ritual in fact.

If you’re someone who feels out of energy during practice, then don’t be afraid of supplementing your body with additional calories to help push you through a workout. As a general rule, as long as you’re training between five and six times per week, and as long as you’re avoiding heavy sugars and fatty foods, you’ll be able to burn a significant amount of weight while participating in Muay Thai kickboxing.



Supplementing Your Training With Cardio-Based Workouts

If you feel as though you’re not doing enough sparring during your training routines, try to supplement them with additional cardio-based routines. In general, hard, intense, fast-paced routines work best. These can include sprints and even hill climbs. For example, try supplementing your training sessions with 50-yard sprints (10 of them). These will not only help you build endurance but will also allow you to burn a significant amount of weight when supplemented with your Muay Thai training!

Is Muay Thai Good For Weight Loss?

Is Muay Thai Good For Weight Loss?

Is Muay Thai Good For Weight Loss: Conclusion

Losing weight with a marital art can certainly be a lot of more fun than losing weight at a gym. Is Muay Thai good for weight loss? Yes, it definitely has the potential to be. Just make sure that you’re limiting the amount of “bad” calories that you eat (sugars, sodas, etc.) and supplementing your training sessions with cardio-based exercises if you aren’t getting enough sparring in while at the gym.