If you have the desire to learn fundamental techniques and skills for self-defense, then it’s recommended to join an MMA self-defense program. It’s ideal for both men and women.

MMA acts as a strong base for functional self-defense. It teaches you basic self-defense techniques inspired from different fighting style forms, including Thai boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and grappling. The MMA self-defense training program is gaining popularity as it prepares practitioners for the realities of unarmed fighting and how to defend yourself in difficult threatening situations.

In the first part of the training program, you are introduced to fundamental default responses. It is a response that drills you over and over again so that when you are provoked, you react without thought. It teaches you how to react immediately. This is important as most of the attackers will attempt to take you by surprise. In times like these, you have to react on the spot to defend yourself before the attacker gains an edge on you.

Default responses can be divided into five categories: blast, hit and run, grappling defense, clinch, and crash. These responses are developed to combat against threats, grappling and striking attacks.

MMA Self-Defense Response: Hit and Run

This is a response that is ideal for situations where you are cornered and can’t escape without attacking. The hit and run response also works best to create space to access the attacker’s weapon and also gives you a chance to attack further if needed. It involves plenty of footwork, including some offline moves that help you to run after the initial defense attack.

MMA Self-Defense Response: Blast

This self defense response includes techniques like smack and hack and low jab intercept. It is designed to attack the opponent in situations where you are threatened and a quick escape is not an option. It includes heavy punches which mean plenty of hand and elbow work.



MMA Self-Defense Response: Crash

This response is best for grabbing attacks. It also includes a lot of hand work with plenty of straight punches and chokes, including a wild barrage of strikes. This is a great conditioned response, especially when you find yourself under attack. This response helps you gain a controlling position and bring the attacker down.


Portland MMA Self-Defense: Open Guard Choke to Elevator Sweep


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MMA Self-Defense Response: Grappling Defense

This is also an essential self-defense technique in a MMA training program. It is a conditioned response against grappling and takedown attempts by the attacker. Inspired by different mixed martial arts styles, grappling defense relies on using the upper arm effectively and efficiently to stop the attacker from taking you down into a clinch position.

MMA Self-Defense Response: Clinch Defense

This technique comes into action in times when the attacker manages to grapple you and gets you on your knees. It includes some interesting reversal techniques that you will be taught once you join the MMA training program.