In competition, it is usually the more focused and confident athlete who prevails, and the same holds true in MMA. You can learn all of the strikes, takedowns, and submissions there are to know, but if you aren’t focused, or if you get too nervous, there is a good chance that you won’t be able to capitalize on what you know. That is why MMA strategies that revolve around the mind are just as important as ones that revolve around physical attacks and defenses.


Intimidation – The Number One Technique Crippler

Believe it or not, intimidation plays a huge role in your ability to confidently perform certain techniques. If you are intimidated, you won’t perform as effectively as you might like. Just remember: your opponent breathes the same air and they bleed the same way as you do. They are human beings. Prominent UFC fighters like Tito Ortiz or Forest Griffin all know this, and utilize the art of intimidation (or lack thereof) to dominate their opponents.



Visualization – The Key to MMA Success

Part of being a good fighter is to partake in MMA strategies that allow you to visualize your techniques. Visualization is a powerful technique that you can use to rehearse moves that you already know. It builds good form, and allows you to stay sharp prior to sparring or competition. When visualization, try imagining your opponent and how they are approaching you. From here, imagine, in great detail, how you would react to their advances.


Portland MMA Technique: Muay Thai Combo #7


Mental Strategies: Is “Getting Pumped” The Right Way to Go?

If you’ve ever watched UFC then you’ve likely seen fighters jump up and down, scream, or beat their chest prior to competing. They do this to get in a good mental state. But what exactly does this mean? Does “getting pumped” in this manner really allow you to unleash a more powerful, smart, and efficient you? In short, no. In fact, it really depends on the fighter. There are some fighters who can perform very effectively without saying a word. Others may need that physical and mental boost to perform at their best. Either way, you shouldn’t feel pressure to do this. You are your own fighter and how you get prepared mentally is completely up to you. With that being said, if you are feeling very intimidated then doing this might actually help.

Mental Strategies: Train Your Mind Often

One of the best MMA mental strategies that you can utilize to start training your mind is meditation. Before your sparring sessions, find a quiet and comfortable place to relax, then, just think. Rehearse your techniques in your head, think about what you can do better, and focus on releasing your attachment to the outcome of a specific MMA event.