MMA Gear Makes Mixed Martial Arts Training Safer

To become an MMA fighter and enjoy battling it out in the cage with your opponent in front of an electrifying crowd of millions of fans, you need to acquire proper training and of course, gear up properly to avoid injuries during fights.

Originally, MMA sports began with minimal safety rules. This led to severe injuries. Ultimately, stricter safety rules were incorporated to make the fights less gruesome. This covered rules for MMA gear as well.

Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Gear

Here is the MMA gear that you’ll need as a mixed martial arts fighter to protect yourself from injuries. A complete mixed martial arts gear set includes knee pads, hand wraps, gloves, mouth guard, elbow pads and grappling head gear.

MMA Gear: Grappling Head Gear

Head gear used in MMA fights is called grappling head gear. This head gear is designed exclusively for MMA. It is light weight and fixed firmly in place with padded ear holes that absorb the impact of the blows by your opponent. The padding extends above to the top of the head to provide comprehensive protection.

MMA Gear: Knee Pads

These protect your knee and upper foot area. Their purpose is to protect the thin layer of cartilage, tissues, and your knee cap from injuries and abrasions.

MMA Gear: Elbow Pads

Battling it out in combat sports like mixed martial arts, where there is non-stop grappling and the opponent is continuously in the quest to take you down in submission to become victorious, you can get elbow injuries. To avoid them, you can wear elbow pads.

MMA Gear: Hand Wraps

Since this is a combat sport that requires punching and striking, there are higher chances of hand injuries. Therefore, to protect yourself from hand and wrist injuries, you need to wear hand wraps. When buying hand wraps, make sure they are of high quality cotton and are slightly elastic. Such hand wraps are comfortable and don’t itch during fights.


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MMA Gear: Gloves

These not only protect your hands but also help you defend and block yourself from your opponent’s shots. In addition to this, it gives you a good grip and you can give a heavy blow to the fighter fighting against you.

MMA Gear: Mouth Guard

Entering in the ring without a mouth guard is dangerous. A heavy blow from the opponent on the face can knock out your teeth. Repairing teeth is painful and expensive. So, it is advised to wear a mouth guard to stay safe.