positive self-control with martial artsHow can we use martial arts to develop positive self-control? Most people overestimate their ability to control their actions and thoughts. This takes work and awareness to have control over how we respond to both positive and negative situations in our daily activities.

First, we need to slow down to notice what is going on.

When you get caught up in one thing or another it is easy to not pay attention to your self-talk or response to others. When you do not recognize or pay attention to your responses adjusting them will never happen.

Second, you need to have a plan.

What will you do to slow down? What can you do to help change your responses to yourself and to others? And how can you train yourself to respond positively the majority of the time?

Then after increasing your awareness with these first to steps it is essential to make them part of your natural habit. Here are some things you can do to develop these good habits and improve your positive self-control.

1- Change Your Mental Approach with What You Say.

a- I have to work out vs. I have decided to work out.
b- I think I am ready to test vs. I am testing on X date and will be 100% ready with everything memorized and solid in my muscle memory.
c- I am afraid to do X vs. I am working on building more strength in this area to become more confident and skilled. Don’t “let” things happen “make” them happen.

2- Learn How to Relax Mentally and Physically.

a- Practice still, movement and philosophical meditation.
b- Stretch daily.
c- Don’t rely on stimulants like caffeine or ephedrine for energy. Rest and exercise to increase your stamina.

positive self-control wth martial arts

3- Action (TNT) – Action Today Not Tomorrow.

a- What can you do today for your fitness? Walk, run, lift weights, practice martial arts, stretch etc…
b- What can you do today for continuing education? Read a book, listen to audio book, classes, documentaries etc…
c- What can you do today to improve your relationships? Go to lunch with a friend, call your parents, plan a date with your significant other etc…
d- Think of how your schedule affects you. Do you control the flow of your time or do you let it control you?
e- Think of something that is important to you. You can always make time for it. If you don’t, then it really isn’t a priority.
f- In Martial Arts, practice makes perfect. Repetition is the key to mastery. Think of one technique you want to improve on. Take 5-10 minutes every day outside of class for the next week, and study it like you were going to have to teach it to another student as if you were an expert on it.

4- Set your alarm to go off 30 minutes earlier every morning.

Then use this time for something positive. Train martial arts, meditate, stretch, read, write etc… This will add about 15 hours a month that you can devote to your personal growth. That is almost 200 hours per year of positive activity that will build your confidence, outlook and attitude.

5- 30 day challenge!

For the next 30 days practice giving 100% effort in everything you do. Job, training, workouts, hobbies, relationships etc… You will be surprised how much your attitude will improve in this short time.

These are simple ideas that you can implement to get significant results.

Are you the person that looks at this and says that’s cool or stupid or I could do that, but then never does anything? Or will you be one of the rare few who actually takes the steps forward to making something happen? We are only here for a short time why not make the most of it and be proud of who you are and what you are doing?